Saimaa Seals

POMOCA, in coordination with EOCA and the Finnish Association of Nature Conservation is supporting the protection of the Saimaa Ringed Seal in Lake Saimaa, Finland. After being close to extinction in the 50’s, the Saimaa seal is still in danger today. Their main threat comes from nonapproved fishing nets and traps (killing 50% of the baby seals) in addition to the ever-increasing environmental toxins. Today, the total population is estimated to be only 300 seals.

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Fluoro-free skins


Back in 2015, we started eliminating the most dangerous types of PFCs (perfluorinated compounds) from our skins. PFCs are, a chemical substance used for water-repellency but recognized as harmful to the environment. POMOCA then decided to go a step further and develop the first skin treatment completely free of all types of PFCs, even the less dangerous ones. The 2017 Climb Pro Mohair was the first skin on the market to use a new PFC-free waterproof treatment, the EVER DRY 3.0. This treatment is free of any solvents, halogenated organic compounds and flammable products. Since 2020, all POMOCA ski touring skins are PFC-free, which is a huge achievement in the climbing skins market. With this change, POMOCA goes beyond the most stringent national regulations on textile treatments and leads the way for an eco-friendly skin.

Skin Belts

At POMOCA we do everything possible to reduce waste by  optimizing production technologies. Additionally, we like to give a ‘second life’ to our excess trimmed material. We have established a partnership with Skinalp, based inAosta Valley, Italy. Skinalp produces unique and functional accessories from the excess plush material resulting from our skin production. A local value chain is established as the skin offcuts produced in Switzerland are directly sent to Skinalp in Italy, where 100% of their production takes place. The company started with the production of belts, and now also produces wallets as well as keychains and bags. In 2020, Skinalp presented the new SkinWallet: a cardholder made by upcyled Pomoca skitouring skins and recycled camping tent leftovers from Salewa.

Do you want a Skinalp belt? Order it at Proceeds go to support the Sanonani House in Nepal. ( The association helps Nepalese children through the management of a children’s house near Kathmandu and has also helped rebuild the houses damaged by the 2015 earthquake.

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Equal Opportunity Employer

POMOCA cooperates with 3 workshops of persons of Disabilities in Switzerland, France and Spain for assembling processes giving work to an equivalent of 3 full-time jobs.

100% Hydro-electric Energy

Since January 1, 2017, the entire POMOCA factory is running with 100% Swiss Hydroelectric Energy. All the energy consumed at POMOCA (heating, production, offices, etc.) is ecological.


POW! Switzerland

POMOCA is proud of its partnership with Protect Our Winters (POW) Switzerland, a non-profit organization founded in 2007. POW has done much to demonstrate the commitment of the outdoor sports’ community to fighting climate change. Its main objective is to «raise awareness amongst the Swiss population by committing to a sustainable lifestyle and adapting its principles to mountain sports and leisure activities».

Oberalp group commitments

The Oberalp group (including POMOCA, Salewa, Dynafit and Wild Country) is aware of the importance of corporate social responsibilty and has therefore launched a sustainability report to present the individual elements and long-term solution approaches our company will undertake.

Our CSR website has been created to provide transparency and verification. The website hosts the CSR report alongside all new and projected developments.

Just take a look

Download the Oberalp 2021 Sustainability Report