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Do you know how we make the ski skins?


Our values



How to trim a Ready2climb skin, with Jérémie Heitz


POMOCA's history & how to trim a ready2climb skin



Choose between a parallel skin or one to be cut


Trim the skin for better ski coverage


How to set up a skin from a roll (with easySet)


How to store the skins


Regluing skins

Regluing skins with glue roll


Regluing skins with the liquid glue



How to: Back Fix Tail Strap


How to: Buckle


How to: Click Lock



How to: End Hook


How to: Fat Lock


How to: Splitboard tail Strap


How to: Stretcher for Click Lock


How to: Adjustable Stretcher


How to: Stretcher


How to: Top Fix Race


How to: Twin Tip Tail Hook


Z Hook


How to use Pomocup device


TIPON Membrane Technology