The Skin User Guide

How To Skin Care - By Jérémie Heitz

How to re-glue your skins

HOW TO Reglue Your Skin (Professional version) - By POMOCA

HOW TO Reglue Your Skin (With Adhesive Roll) - By POMOCA

HOW TO Glue Spray

How to wax your skins

HOW TO Hot Wax Your Skins - Hot Waxing

Accessoires pour les systèmes de fixation avant

How to: Click Lock


How to: Click Lock (with cutting pattern)


How to: Stretcher for Click Lock


How to: Z-Hook

How to: Adjustable Stretcher


How to: Stretcher


How to: Top Fix Race

Accessoires pour systèmes de fixation arrière

How to: Back Fix Tail Strap


How to: Splitboard tail Strap

How to: End Hook