Show Your Skins - It's Beautiful

Today, at POMOCA, we take a step in a direction we believe in - one that is fearless, bold, and beautiful. We are thrilled to announce our newest initiative, the "Show Your Skins - It's Beautiful" Campaign, an embodiment of our values, a reflection of our vision, and a celebration of the diversity that makes our world extraordinary.

"Skins” serves two purposes within our community. It's the innovative tool our products provide, the essential connection with the snow, which is too often hidden and left aside. But it is also a representation of our own identities, the stories we carry and the differences that define us.

#ShowYourSkins is an ode to this duality. It's a call to go outside in the beautiful mountains and to show your skins, both metaphorically and literally, and to embrace the beauty that lies therein. It is an acknowledgment that each skin, like each person, is unique, serving its own purpose, and must be seen.

The "Show Your Skins - It's Beautiful» is not just about colors, products, or aesthetics. It's about redefining how we perceive beauty, challenging standards, and celebrating diversity. Our bright, flashy colors are not mere hues but powerful statements - they symbolize inclusivity, joy, and the beautiful spectrum of humanity.

Our message is simple, yet profound: Show your skins, because it's beautiful.

Let us collectively create a community where everyone feels at home in their own skin, where everyone feels seen, valued, and accepted, and where everyone can go outside and the beauty of our Nature.

Welcome to the "Show Your Skins - It's Beautiful".

Embrace your skin. Love your skin. Show your skin – Join us in the journey by sharing your best moments in the mountains by showing your skin.