POMOCA's History

The Dufour family’s history has been linked to tourism and winter sports since as early as 1870. Louis Dufour, a hotelier in Avants, Switzerland, was the first to use skis in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. The family also organized skiing and bobsledding competitions for the prestigious hosts of Montreux, Switzerland.

In the 1930s Louis’ son, Éric, an engineer and avid ski touring fan, developed and marketed a canvas rescue sled. Thanks to its skis and poles, the “Gaillard-Dufour” sled was able to transport injured people. Alongside his father, Éric developed the production of non-slip skins, and later adhesive skins, as well as many other mountain accessories. Around 1941, the Dufour company successfully launched rubber sole production for city and mountain shoes. Assisted by his wife, Antoinette, Éric managed the company until 1988.

In 1996 their son, Guy, took up the torch. His expert knowledge of rubber gives POMOCA skins their unparalleled waterproofing. In 2011, POMOCA joined the OBERALP group, turning a new page in its history and facing new challenges.

For more than 80 years, thanks to the quality of its products and technological innovations, Swiss label POMOCA has established itself as the undisputed worldwide specialist in climbing skins. Resolutely focused on progress, POMOCA constantly develops new products "something that goes hand in hand with ist ambitious and innovative concept" in order to satisfy and delight ski mountaineering enthusiasts.



Founding of the company Louis Dufour & sons Sale of sporting good


Filing of trademark POMOCA Peau(skin)-Mohair Caoutchoutée(rubberized)


Production of the first non-slip skins with natural yarn (knitted mohair)


Foundation of E. Dufour & Cie, also active in the rubber business


Production of the first adhesive skins
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SYNTEX: A new quality of adhesive ski skin made of synthetic waterproof thread (nylon)


TOP FIX: Binding system with tip stretcher made of rubber and back hook


EVER DRY: Anti-glopping treatment


CARVING SYSTEM : Adaptation of adhesive ski skins to the exact size of skis


SAFER SKIN: Exclusive 100% waterproof membrane
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GLIDE: Glide treatment


BACK FIX: Binding system on the back of the ski


RACE: A new quality level with even more features


POMOCA joins the SALEWA Group. TOP FIX RACE: Binding system developed especially for competition


TIPON: new membrane and adhesive technology
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Pomoca wins all gold medals 10 over 10 in the ISMF World Championships in Verbier (CH)


Launch of the POMOCUP, the first wearable device specific for ski touring

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