The production of our POMOCA skins

How do we make the POMOCA skins?

It has been a century since ski touring skins were made out of real sealskin.

But, how do we manufacture POMOCA skins today?

At POMOCA, we believe in authenticity and transparency. That's why we decided to present you with a short film tracing the origin of the manufacturing of our skins, from the sourcing of our raw material in South Africa, the mohair, to the sewing of the tip and tail attachments in our factory in Switzerland.

The manufacturing of a ski skin is a long and very complex process. This process requires the involvement of various talented suppliers, very specific know-how, great anticipation of needs, and rigorous planning of many resources to ensure the quality of our product at the right deadline. It also implies responsibility in terms of control of the entire production chain to ensure ethical respect at every step, such as during the shearing of the Angora goats.

The production of a skin requires these aspects - and more. It requires the collaboration of our talented employees, closeness to our athletes and customers, and the pleasure, fun, and experience of living the passion that brings all of us together.