Yann Décaillet
Yann Décaillet
Yann Décaillet


“What I like about skiing is the possibility to travel long distances, and this sensation of doing small trips every day.”

Mountain guide since 2015, Yann Décaillet is part of the Worldguiding team.

Birth date : 22.06.1991
Home mountains : the Alps
Favorite ski spot : The Marécottes in Switzerland
Aside job : Mountain guide

What led you into skiing ?
I started at a very young age with the Martigny Alpine Club where I was supervised by mountain guides.

What do you like the most in skiing ?
The possibility to travel long distances and this sensation of doing small trips every day. With the combination of ski lifts and climbing skins, there are so much possibilities to find new lines.

Your most beautiful memory on the skis ?
Every new discovery, in Switzerland or abroad.

Your proudest achievement
Being able to make a living out of my passion, and still feel great motivation about it.

An objective or a dream that you want to achieve in the future ?
I want to go back to Himalaya to realize an independent ski traverse.

Which persons inspires you ?
For the technique: Didier Cuche and Bode Miller. For the offbeat side: Daron Rahlves and Glen Plake.

What do you like to do when not skiing ?
Climbing, canyoning, ice climbing and paragliding.