Lightness and easy-care

The new membrane technology by POMOCA

Innovative performance and technical excellence make TIPON a revolutionary membrane technology. Climbing skins with TIPON come to be more compact and easy to use due to novel characteristics that push the boundaries of existing gluing and membrane technologies. From 100% waterproofness to UV and extreme temperatures resistance, TIPON takes a step forward in offering safety and comfort it the same time.

TIPON tech

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Your journey in the mountains starts with an enjoyable uphill ride: Tipon makes it easier!

Over three years of development, in cooperation with guides, athletes and technical partners, the results are impressive. The POMOCA development team has succeeded in merging the new membrane technology TIPON with a plush. This union results in a revolutionary and very compact climbing skin.


Product characteristics

The POMOCA skin with TIPON technology is the thinnest and lightest skin on the market. It is very easy to use: with a washable adhesive, it does not need regluing and it is not sensitive to heat and UV.

TIPON skin

The skin with TIPON technology is available only in mix (70% mohair / 30% nylon); plush with Glide treatment (such as Climb Pro Glide skins). It exists in a unique width of 123mm.

Only available in specialized stores.


TIPON Technologies

The new TIPON membrane technology is based on the latest generation of polysiloxanes. Combining two types of induction (a membrane and an adhesive) directly on the fabric brings about great performance properties, such as 100% waterproof and high quality gluing, while keeping the climbing skin simple and light weight.

The new TIPON membrane offers an excellent performance at several levels:

  • 100% waterproof. The membrane completely seals the surface of the plush.
  • No delamination risk: perfect mechanical coupling plush - membrane.
  • Perfect skin trimming: No fraying effect.
  • Light weight: 50% lighter than any other classic membrane.
  • Packable: 40% less volume than a classic skin model


The new TIPON adhesive offers high performance:

  • No glue delamination risk: perfect chemical coupling membrane – adhesive.
  • Extreme temperature resistant: No risk of freezing.
  • Washable: it can be hand washed with water and soap.
  • UV resistant: it can be exposed to the sun and heating.
  • No need to reglue. The adhesive is durable.


The TIPON membrane and the TIPON adhesive merge together with the plush in one unit: a reliable and easy to use climbing skin.



TIPON video: