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Safety through waterproofness

With the development of the exclusive POMOCA Safer Skin technology, a new ski skin generation is born. All POMOCA self-adhesive skins benefit from this special treatment. Composed of an added 100 % waterproof membrane positioned between the weaving and the glue, Safer Skin offers ultimate safety thanks to the stability of the glue, optimum gluing of the skin and an easy folding thanks to its good stability.







Added gliding performance

The innovative Glide process offers enhanced performance to POMOCA skins. With less effort, ski tourers achieve exceptional gliding performance. Treatment of the whole fibre length for a life-lonq protection of the ski skins. Only available on some models.





Ever Dry

Antiglopping treatment

Due to its exclusive antiglopping properties, Ever Dry has been for many years the favourite choice of long distance ski tourers. The treatment of the whole fibre length guarantees a life-Iong protection, no need to apply spray. All POMOCA skins feature Ever Dry.






Safe grip when climbing

It is important to have a good gripping ability when climbing. POMOCA has therefore developed a special material combination that shows both durability and dynamic tension and combines high elasticity with resistance to twisting and abrasion. Available with the series Climb and Free.