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CLIMB PRO S-GLIDE with the new TIPON technology: reduced weigth and volume, simple handling, washable. Easy to use.

  • Glide 213 kcal/h
  • Grip 52 g/cm2
  • Weight 1.250 g/m2

233 g / skin
(110 mm x 170 cm)

  • GRIP

    Good climbing grip is very important. So POMOCA has developed a combination of materials and weaving techniques to combine glide and durability with gripping power. Proper alignment and the fiber attachment systems make POMOCA skins very stable under all conditions and for the entire life of the skin.


    Thanks to the exclusive GLIDE process, ski tourers get extra glide with less effort. This treatment, which is applied at the end of the production process and to the entire length of the fiber, makes the skin glide and resist moisture more effectively. Skins with GLIDE offer an effective process for the entire life of the skin, and unique antiglopping performance.


    The new TIPON membrane technology takes advantage of the most recent generation of polysiloxanes. The juxtaposition of two types of induction (a membrane and an adhesive) directly into the fabric guarantees better performance. Skins with TIPON are more compact (40% less volume), light (15% less weight) and easy to use thanks to the new characteristics that surpass existing technologies. Completely waterproof, washable, UV-resistant, and effective even in extreme temperatures, TIPON represents an advance in terms of both safety and comfort.

  • EVER DRY 3.0
    EVER DRY 3.0

    EVER DRY 3.0 represents our largest step forward with respect to the environment: this is the first skin treatment on the market which does not contain any perfluorocarbon, a chemical found to be harmful to the environment. In 2017, EVER DRY 3.0 will be used to treat all Climb Pro Mohair skins, making this the first PFC-Free skin!


Ready2climb Your skins ready in 2 minutes

The POMOCA R&D department works hard to make your life easier. Preparing a self-adhesive skin for skis can take a long time and requires specific knowledge. POMOCA has developped the new universal, light, and easy-to-apply ready2climb set. The ready2climb skin can be cut to a specific ski in just two minutes without any special tools. The adjustable loop can be fixed to any type of ski. For this system, POMOCA offers a complete list of skis on the market, so you can find the self-adhesive skin best suited to your needs.


skin width
skin height
120 XS 10-0022412002 / XS
S 10-0022412002 / S
M 10-0022412002 / M
L 10-0022412002 / L
XL 10-0022412002 / XL