ready2climb - your skin ready in 2 minutes!


ready2climb is the new Pomoca system that helps you trim your skin very quickly. Forget about the complicate and long process of preparing a skin! The setting up with the system ready2climb takes less than 2 minutes, therefore trimming a skin is now easy and quick!

ready2climb sizes

What does ready2climb mean?


• The tail connection (BACK FIX) is already sewn and has an adjustable length of up to 11 cm.

• The tip connection (Click Lock) is already stitched and can be adjusted to all ski tips’ widths.

• There are five sizes ( XS, S, M, L, XL) covering any ski length, from 145cm to 196cm.

• To be sure what skin length fits to what ski length , POMOCA has made a list of skis with the matching skin size . This list can be found on POMOCA’s homepage.


You only need to :


• Select the appropriate size for your ski on POMOCA’s website.

• Place the skin on your ski and trim the edges with the POMOCA precise "edge-free" cutter

• You’re done!